Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As solicitors, DOP Law Corporation (“DOP Law”) are required to hold all information relating to the matters entrusted to us in confidence.

In addition, DOP Law are required by law and shall ensure that our collection, disclosure and use of your Personal Data complies strictly with the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012.

To enable us to properly perform our services and discharge our duties and obligations to you in respect of the matters entrusted to us, your personal data may be collected, used and disclosed and stored by us and/or our affiliates, service providers, other legal specialists, mediators, arbitrators, consultants, experts, agents and third party law firms (collectively referred to as “Authorised Third Parties”) for purpose of obtaining foreign legal advice or assistance  for the matters entrusted to us. By engaging us as your lawyers and providing us with your personal data, you are deemed to have consented for us to provide such Authorised Third Parties with such personal data subject to their compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industrial codes and guidelines.

You are entitled to withdraw your consent given as aforesaid at any time by giving us at least seven (7) working days of written notice whereupon, we shall return and/or destroy the personal data stored with us and/or the Authorised Third Parties within seven (7) working days.

“Personal Data” is information that relates to you and identifies you from that information directly or indirectly. Generally, personal data that DOP Law collect include (but not limited to), contact information such as name, email address and telephone number, job description, residential or billing address and identity numbers.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, DOP Law may disclose your Personal Data or information relating to the matters entrusted to DOP Law for the purposes of complying with applicable laws and such disclosure may be to the law enforcement and competent regulatory authorities.

DOP Law may also disclose your Personal Data or information relating to the matters entrusted to DOP Law when you have authorised DOP Law and consented to DOP Law doing so.

Please contact us at PDPA@dop.sg if you have any questions about how DOP Law manage your personal data or information relating to the matters entrusted to DOP Law.