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David Ong Mung Pang

David Ong Mung Pang

David is the Managing Director of DOP Law Corporation (the Firm). He has close to 4 decades of diversified practicing experience which he now focuses on domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and arbitration.

David Ong attained an Honors degree, B.A. (Law) in 1979 and was admitted as member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and called to the English Bar as Barrister-at-Law for England and Wales in 1980. In the following year he continued with his post graduate studies at the University College of London and attained the degree of LL.M. in 1981.

From 1982 to 1995, David practiced as a partner with a few partnerships and in 1996, he set up David Ong & Partners.

In his earlier practices, he dealt with a variety of cases including criminal cases, family law, commercial, real estate, company law and general civil litigations. He had on various occasions, appeared as instructing counsel before the Courts in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, London, Germany/Frankfurt and China (Shanghai, Shandong Jinan and Beijing, the highest Court of Appeal in the PRC).

From 1995, David focused his practice towards providing a wide variety of legal services to mainly Japanese institutional clients, which included many listed Japanese multi-national companies.

The Japanese MNCs which David had served since the late 80s and early 90s are currently still his loyal clients. As MNCs often have diversified subsidiaries, David’s client portfolio began to grow and as of today, almost 90% of DOP Law Corporation’ clientele are Japanese institutional clients.

Some notable cases David has led and handled are:

  • In 1984, David was one of the first very few Singapore lawyers entered the PRC assisting a Singapore MNC/Real Estate Company venturing into PRC/Xiamen and drafted one of the first JV Agreement in Mandarin.

  • Collection of approximately S$500 million of near uncollectible debts for a Japanese financial institution. The process involved High Court litigations, putting a known Singapore marina club into receivership with the arrest of about 50 vessels/pleasure crafts/yachts and re-possessed hundreds of vehicles.

  • Amalgamated and merged two Japanese oldest top tier Japanese trading houses.

  • Amalgamated and merged two major Japanese financial institutions.

  • Amalgamated and merged two manufacturing Japanese manufacturers with global presence in more and 100 countries.

  • Amalgamated and merged two major global Japanese logistics companies.

  • Amalgamated and restructured a 100+ year old Japanese electronics company.

  • Lead instructing counsel for the representation of a Japanese construction company’s Singapore branch general manager and chief design engineer for the defense of criminal negligence resulting in the collapse of Nicoll Highway.

  • Acquisition by a major Japanese financial institution client of automobile repair facilities.

  • Acquisition by a major Japanese financial institution client of financial institutions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

  • Negotiated and concluded the acquisition of majority shares held by local Malaysian (Bumi putra) for the Japanese manufacturer in Malaysia.

  • Negotiated and concluded the acquisition of majority shares held by the local Philippines citizens for a Japanese manufacturer in the Philippines.

  • Represented two Japanese global logistics companies in a cartel matter at the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore.

  • The most notable matter is the lead counsel acting for a Japanese major logistics company to engage NOL, their financial advisers and lawyers in the acquisition of NOL’s subsidiary APL (American President Lines) Logistics with subsidiaries and foot prints in some more than 60 jurisdictions for USD 1.2 Billion in 2015.This represents one of the largest acquisition of Singapore company by a foreign company in the year of 2015.

  • Retainer Counsel for many Japanese MNCs.

  • Lead instructing counsel in representing a Japanese logistics company in a litigation involving in millions of dollars against a SOE in PRC and took the matter all the way to the final highest appellate court in Beijing and have the original first instant Judgment reversed.

  • Lead instructing counsel for a Japanese MNC in an appeal case against the Germany Tax Authority for wrongfully levied of VAT and import tax involving hundreds of million Euro.

  • Represented local and foreign MNCs in numerous negotiations in cross borders joint venture projects covering China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. Projects included development of hotels, residential properties, manufacturing and trade etc.

  • Advised Japanese MNCs in Australia and New Zealand on various corporate and employment matters.

David also regularly serves SME from Japan through referral by existing clients and Japanese law firms. David also regularly works closely with big and medium size Japanese Law firms in rendering legal support and advice to their Japanese individual and institutional clients.

Currently, David’s practice focus in domestic as well as cross borders/International M&A, cross borders Corporate/commercial works and domestic and overseas commercial arbitration and litigation.

David possesses intimate knowledge and affinity for Indonesia, Japan, United Kingdom and China and he speaks 4 languages, namely English, Japanese, Mandarin, Indonesian/Malay and at least 3 Chinese dialects. As he has spent more than one year in Osaka, Japan at the age of 17 and attended and obtained a Diploma (for foreign student) from the Osaka Kinki University in 1970. His pre-university days having lived in Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and UK has enabled him to have an in depth understanding of the Chinese, Indonesian, western and Japanese cultures which greatly enable him to engage with and understand the needs of the clients from different jurisdictions.

David is currently member of:

Singapore Law Society
Singapore Academy of Law
The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn
Patron of Pioneer Constituency


1979 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Law, UK
1980 Barrister at Law Of Lincoln's Inn, London, UK
1981 Masters of Law University College, London
1982 Admitted to the Singapore Bar
1982-1984 Junior Partner Mak Ong & Partners
1984-1987 J.S.D. Ong & Partners
1987-1995 Precedent Partner David Ong & Lim
1995-1996 Partner Winston Chen & Co (subsequently known as Winston Chen, Ong & Partners)
1996-2019 Managing Partner David Ong & Partners
2019-Present Managing Director DOP Law Corporation

Professional Admissions

  • Singapore Bar (1982)

Professional and Academic Associations

  • Singapore Academy of Law


  • English (first language)
  • Mandarin
  • Malay
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese